YouTube funny-men TGFbro turned their hands to construction when they decided to build a house from jelly bricks.

The Sun reports that the vlogger duo, made up of Romell Henry and Jay Swingler, took on the challenge of erecting a gummy residence in their back garden in a YouTube video which was uploaded to their channel earlier this month.

They explained that they had decided to take on the project after seeing a number of other YouTubers experiment with “gummy” food and it gave them the idea of a DIY giant gummy house. The pair calculated the perfect water to gelatine ratio to make a jelly house brick and settled on 100g of gelatine per 1L of water, they also opted for a luminous green colour for the blocks.

As they mixed the massive quantities of jelly mix they exclaimed: “It smells like unflavoured Haribos!”

After stacking up a momentous number of “jelly bricks” into the back of a van they transported them to the site for the build.

Jay joked: “We phoned the council and got planning permission, this is our area.”

They started by building the walls but as the structure started to take shape the jelly bricks began to topple forcing the lads to use rods to hold the building in place.

Jay said: “This is all part and parcel of making a jelly house, you can’t make a jelly house and expect it to be strong.”

But despite reinforcing the walls, the building continued to collapse.

As night fell on the project the strategy simplified.

Romell explained: “We are going to use as many jelly blocks as possible to go as high as possible and then we’re just going to get in there.”

Before adding: “To live happily ever after.”

The duo did eventually manage to get inside their construction, despite the end product being more or a jelly pile than a jelly house.