Aberdeen Mural 1

A unique Aberdeen city centre art project has broken new ground with its innovative use of paints.

The Nuart project in Aberdeen has seen five stunning artworks created by internationally renowned street artists and brought to life with expert advice from the city’s Crown Decorating Centre.

Aberdeen Mural 2

The high profile murals range from a spectacular artwork covering the city’s central market building, by internationally renowned German art duo, Herekut to Australian Fintan Magee, who returned to his Scottish roots.

Aberdeen Mural 3

Nuart Aberdeen features a total of eleven artists’ work and was brought to the city by business organisation Aberdeen Inspired and Aberdeen City Council, and was supported by main sponsor Burness Paull LLP.

Aberdeen Mural 4

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “The Nuart Aberdeen festival was a remarkable success and attracted thousands of people to see many colourful street art murals on walls around the city centre.

“We were keen to source the highest quality paint for our internationally acclaimed artists and Aberdeen’s Crown Decorating Centre was the perfect fit for us.

“Each artists’ paint and equipment needs were met by their very knowledgeable and helpful team, and we are delighted with the results which have added a welcome splash of colour to the area.

“The festival will leave a legacy in the city as all of the murals will remain in place for people to engage with and enjoy, and we are working to bring Nuart back to Aberdeen in 2018.”

Aberdeen Mural 5

Alan Paterson, manager at the Crown Decorating Centre in Clifton Road, Kittybrewster Shopping Centre, said: “The organisers of Nuart were keen to work with a local supplier, so they came to us for advice on the best paints to use to ensure they lasted and met the needs of the artists.

“The artists came into the store and showed us pictures of what they wanted to do and we were easily able to work out what was best for them and how much paint they would need.

“We have supplied hundreds of litres of paint, rollers, brushes and other essentials. It’s certainly not our run-of-the-mill painting project but we are very proud to have been a part of something that has had such big impact on our city.

“The Sandtex Trade range has a wide variety of colours available, so the artists were able to take off-the-shelf colours and then if they wanted a particular shade, they were able to mix the paint themselves to create the exact colour they wanted.

“It is certainly a first for our store to be involved in such a high-profile art project, but it just shows the versatility of the paints we offer and shows that Crown Decorating Centres put customer service at the top of our agenda. If we can help a client achieve new things, no matter how complex, we will.”