Technical and safety advances in drone technology have seen their practical application in many industries increase rapidly in recent years and the construction industry has been at the forefront of this expansion. With around 50 deaths per year in the UK as a result of falls from height, it’s easy to see how drone use for any aerial inspection work can improve safety and efficiency.

Modern, professional drone systems come equipped with failsafe safety systems and a wide range of image capture technology to satisfy many needs.

But what of the safety record of drones as we’ve all heard the news about airport near misses? The accessibility of drones means that almost anyone can afford to purchase and go flying but casual use of this type should not be confused with the growing number of professional operators that are becoming established in the industry.

The Civil Aviation authority controls all UK airspace and lays down clear guidelines for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) in that space. One mandatory stipulations is that commercial work can only be undertaken by CAA approved organisations and gaining this approval requires formal training, development of a comprehensive set of operation guidelines as well as passing theoretical and practical exams. Approval also requires that suitable insurance including public liability insurance be in place. While undertaking any commercial flight, it is also mandatory to observe safety guidelines and fully document all activities.

Images Above Ltd, based in central Scotland, have years of experience in safe drone use and are fully CAA approved and insured for commercial work. Whether it’s a straightforward piece of aerial inspection that’s required or you’d like to build some aerial shots into a video promotion film, we have the equipment and the skills to assist you. Please check out for more information or contact

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