Advertorial: Drone use in the construction industry

Technical and safety advances in drone technology have seen their practical application in many industries increase rapidly in recent years and the construction industry has been at the forefront of this expansion. With around 50 deaths per year in the UK as a result of falls from height, it’s easy to see how drone use for any aerial inspection work can improve safety and efficiency.

Modern, professional drone systems come equipped with failsafe safety systems and a wide range of image capture technology to satisfy many needs.

But what of the safety record of drones as we’ve all heard the news about airport near misses? The accessibility of drones means that almost anyone can afford to purchase and go flying but casual use of this type should not be confused with the growing number of professional operators that are becoming established in the industry.

The Civil Aviation authority controls all UK airspace and lays down clear guidelines for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) in that space. One mandatory stipulations is that commercial work can only be undertaken by CAA approved organisations and gaining this approval requires formal training, development of a comprehensive set of operation guidelines as well as passing theoretical and practical exams. Approval also requires that suitable insurance including public liability insurance be in place. While undertaking any commercial flight, it is also mandatory to observe safety guidelines and fully document all activities.

Images Above Ltd, based in central Scotland, have years of experience in safe drone use and are fully CAA approved and insured for commercial work. Whether it’s a straightforward piece of aerial inspection that’s required or you’d like to build some aerial shots into a video promotion film, we have the equipment and the skills to assist you. Please check out for more information or contact

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Advertorial: Global Language Services Ltd

GLOBAL LANGUAGE SERVICES LOGOTechnology in the 21st Century is providing us with the means to communicate our thoughts and ideas across the planet in a way that would have been unthinkable, even 10 years ago.

However good the technology is, it cannot pick up the subtleties of a language, the culture that underpins it, or even the humour that oils many of our conversations.

For this reason there has always been a need for skilled interpreters and translators and probably always will. That’s where Global Language Services Ltd can help you.

Not only do we have the language service talent that you are likely to need, we also have a track record that spans Government, health, justice, commercial and private sector contracts.

So, whatever you want to achieve in a different language, we’re on your side from the word ‘go’.

We go out of our way to help with any translation and interpreting requirements and you can test that simply by picking up the phone and getting in touch. Calls are answered by trained operators with no call centres – just real people determined to help you achieve your language service requirements as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been searching for Professional Translation or reliable Interpreting Services at competitive prices, we like to think that Global will be your long-term partner after your first project with us.

With offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen we are committed to finding local interpreters and translators wherever possible. Our reach, however, goes much further than Scotland and we are happy to take translation projects from across the world.

Call Today on 0141 429 3429 to discuss your Project or email

REHAU launches new virtual brochure library

REHAU Docs appREHAU has produced a new version of its user friendly ‘Docs’ app which allows architects and specifiers to access product and technical information on their mobiles and tablets.

The app, which is available to download from the App store simply by searching for ‘REHAU docs’, allows users to create their own virtual library of REHAU brochures and specification guides which they can access instantly at any time.

Architects and specifiers can personalise their library simply by tapping the relevant tab within the app to select their area of interest and then choosing from REHAU’s many product areas, which includes windows, doors and glazing systems, district heating, ground source energy solutions, and sub surface heating and cooling.

Within each product area, there is a newsstand style selection pane to view all of the available downloadable material and a favourites button to easily store and access the information used most often.

The new Docs app also features a rolling news feed to keep users up to date with the latest product launches and planned events and a highlights section featuring the newest publications from REHAU.

Further information is available at:

Advertorial: Sibbald Training revealed as DCPC modules provider in Scotland

David Sibbald

David Sibbald

Sibbald Training has been named as the top provider for DCPC modules in Scotland in 2014.

The evidence was revealed following a Freedom of Information request to JAUPT/DVSA.

David Sibbald, managing director of Sibbald Limited, said he was delighted with the news about Sibbald Training, which starting from providing instruction to just three people, to a high point of providing training to almost 300 delegates per week.

He said: “Our aim was to become Scotland’s ‘Easy Jet’ provider for DCPC training, positioning ourselves s the most cost effective solution for the mandatory courses. I am absolutely delighted that this resulted in an 800 per cent increase in bookings for the training.”

Following on from the overwhelming success of this offering, ADR-Hazardous goods by road training and D4 Driver medicals have been added to the Sibbald portfolio, to help better serve the new customers in the Transport Industry who kindly afforded Sibbald Training their custom.

Advertorial: REHAU fully reversible windows chosen for luxury care home

Walker Profiles fabricated and installed REHAU TOTAL70R windows in Templeton Care Home in Ayr

Walker Profiles fabricated and installed REHAU TOTAL70R windows in Templeton Care Home in Ayr

Specialist commercial fabricator Walker Profiles has supplied and installed more than 200 windows and doors in the hugely versatile REHAU TOTAL70R system in a newly opened, luxury care home for the elderly.

Templeton House is situated in a conservation area in the Scottish coastal town of Ayr and successfully blends historic and contemporary design, with a traditional villa façade retained alongside a new modern pavilion.

Motherwell based Walker Profiles were chosen for the project by main contractors Cruden Building and Renewals who had worked with the company previously and were confident that their team could meet the challenging aspects of the design by Robert Potter Architects.

This included the fabrication and installation of two sets of large multi-faceted bay windows on both the ground and first floors of the new pavilion.

Throughout the project, Walker Profiles has installed windows in the innovative REHAU TOTAL70R fully reversible window system. This system has a flush fitting sash and frame with slim sightlines which suited this contemporary setting, as well as being practical in terms of cleaning and ventilation.

REHAU TOTAL70R is also a multi-chamber profile which means it offers high levels of thermal performance, with the option of triple glazing if required.

At Templeton Care Home, Walker Profiles installed the windows in all 72 of the ensuite rooms arranged over three floors, as well as glazed external doors leading to the garden and patio areas.

Jim Gibson, managing director of Walker Profiles, said: “We are one of Scotland’s leading fabricators of fully reversible windows, which remain a very popular choice across the region, particularly in multi-storey social housing.

“REHAU TOTAL70R has brought a new dimension to this area of our business however, because we can now offer architects and specifiers a stylish and more contemporary version of the fully reversible with applications in a much broader range of settings.

“In recent months, as well as installations like Templeton Care Home which blend old and new within a conservation area, we have also installed the windows in exclusive contemporary developments for mass market house builders.”

Further details on the windows are available at and on Walker Profiles at

Advertorial: 10 year guarantee ISO Chemie tape seals it for self-build

iso-bloco-one-5Self builders can take advantage of ISO-Chemie’s ISO-BLOCO One multi-purpose foam sealing tape, which comes with a 10 year performance guarantee and provides up to 70% cost savings when compared to other three component systems.

ISO-BLOCO One tape enables windows and doors to be quickly and easily sealed from inside the building, avoiding the need to use time consuming and costly external access systems like scaffolding and ladders, and provides guaranteed high performance sealing for the lifetime of the window.

Hiring access systems, with the associated health and safety issues, can add significantly to the overall cost of a new build or renovation project, so additional savings can also be made using ISO-BLOCO One.

Moreover, because the foam sealant can be used in the wet and rain the installation of windows can be undertaken regardless of external weather conditions, avoiding time consuming and costly delays.

ISO-Chemie estimates that this can lead to potential savings of hundreds of pounds per day.

iso-bloco-one-4BLOCO One offers a single product ‘fit and forget’ solution for fast and effective sealing based around the European RAL principles of three level sealing – the inside seal area is more airtight than the external one, allowing any trapped moisture inside the joint, or within the wall, to escape outwards rather than into the building.

Quick and easy-to-apply, the self-adhesive ISO-BLOCO One provides a high performance seal for window and door joints up to 30mm wide and is impermeable to driving rain at a minimum of 1,000 Pa – 66% higher reliability than most conventional joint sealing tapes.

The external seal area provides weather resistance and breathability, while the intermediate seal area provides extra thermal and acoustic properties and the internal one air tightness and humidity regulation. All three levels are designed to accommodate movement between the adjacent materials.

Once installed, ISO BLOCO One ensures a building is better protected from elemental factors like wind, dust and moisture ingress by accommodating the changes in structural movement caused by environmental, cyclical and settlement factors.

The internal air tight seal has been tested at 1000 Pa pressure difference (20 times more than UK Building Regulations.) and found to give less than 0.01 m³ of air loss. At the same time, depending on tape width, it will also supply a U-Value of 0.55 and reduce sound by 45 dB, straight from the box.

ISO BLOCO One complies with energy saving regulations (EnEV) on windows and doors as well as the RAL quality assurance association and is able to accommodate extremes of temperature changes, from – 30°C to + 80°C.

More at or email Tel: 01207 566874.

Advertorial: PERI reaches new heights with new one-sided panel system


A unique panel system, MAXIMO, has been recently launched in Central London by one of the leading suppliers of formwork and scaffolding, PERI Ltd, which will significantly reduce labour times by up to 50 per cent.

Launched at an exclusive event in the capital, the new panel system dramatically reduces installation time and labour costs thanks to its MX tie technology, which allows ties to be installed by just one operative without spacer tubes. Faster than conventional panel formwork, MAXIMO will allow contractors to erect and install formwork quickly without extensive manpower, whilst still retaining a quality concrete finish.

The launch event showcased MAXIMO to an audience of industry professionals who were able to view the panel system up close and meet the expert PERI team. A demonstration at the event also highlighted the MX tie technology, which allows the system to be installed from just the one side of the wall, whilst the MX shaft corner exhibited how a complete set of shaft formwork can be moved quickly, providing valuable time savings on site.

Alasdair Stables, Managing Director of PERI, said: “The recent launch event for MAXIMO was a great success. Not only did it allow us to introduce a new panel system to the UK market, but it gave industry professionals an insight into how we as a company are continuously striving to make the installation of systems easier, safer and faster than ever before.

“MAXIMO has already had a positive reception from the German market and it is growing in popularity throughout the UK in diverse projects including the Lee Tunnel in London and the Masjid Mosque in Glasgow. The speed at which MAXIMO can be assembled, and the reduction in personnel, to erect the system, makes it a must-have for those seeking to significantly reduce time and costs on site; a key factor our customers are always seeking when specifying formwork.”

PERI’s new MXK platform was also shown at the launch. Suitable for both MAXIMO and TRIO formwork systems, the MXK system offers a working platform solution which meets the highest safety procedures. Unlike traditional platforms, the MXK offers a lightweight modular platform system which has pre-assembled components allowing for easy assembly at ground level.

Opening up new possibilities to the UK construction industry, MAXIMO is set to change the face of panel formwork due to its ability to reduce materials required and associated costs. Its capability to deliver an enhanced concrete finish thanks to tidier joint and tie arrangements mean that a better quality finish can also be achieved.

To find out more about MAXIMO and its benefits visit and download the brochure.

Advertorial: ISO-Chemie ISO-EWI SEALING SYSTEM has thermal sealing fully covered

The new external wall sealing system from Iso Chemie

The new external wall sealing system from Iso Chemie

Fast and secure sealing of various thermal insulation composite systems to building openings and projections is provided by the new ISO-EWI SEALING SYSTEM from ISO-Chemie.

Now available for the UK market, the ISO-EWI SEALING SYSTEM can be used by installers to provide rapid, high performance and enhanced energy saving insulation sealing solutions for a variety of external insulation systems around the windows and doors as well as roof and wall base areas.

The system features a combination of materials which can be mixed and matched to suit the individual installation, including the ISO-BLOCO 600 ‘PREMIUM EDITION’ and ‘COLOUR EDITION’ sealing tapes, which protect against driving rain, and the special ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD, XD and ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE EPDM foils.

These foils can be quickly secured around window cill profiles using either the factory applied adhesives or the gun applied bonding solutions to prevent surface water and moisture from damaging the thermally insulated façade, as well as supplying an airtight seal.

Featured tapes have been tested to comply with legal regulations and standards and can be used to provide quick ‘fit and forget’ perimeter seals for both weather and air tightness, while remaining permeable to trapped water and water vapour – similar to a flexible breathable style material.

To complement the ISO-EWI SEALING SYSTEM is the ISO-TOP WINFRAMER thermal insulating and load bearing bracket system – a structurally solid, pre-fabricated installation frame that can be quickly cut to length on site and secured in position using a single component adhesive and, if necessary, fixing screws.

This enables the installer to fit windows into the insulation area of the ISO-EWI SEALING SYSTEM, in front of the load bearing wall, quickly and easily, avoiding the need to use metal brackets that cause non-repeating thermal bridging and give extensive problems when the windows need replacing.

ISO-EWI SEALING SYSTEM offers compliance with various standards including DIN 4108-7 and EnEV 2014, for energy efficiency, all in accord with the company’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). More at

Advertorial: PWS Scotland chosen for latest Hungry Horse developments

Tail O'The Bank restaurant 4Two of the newest Hungry Horse restaurants to open in Scotland feature REHAU PVC-U windows fabricated and installed by Glasgow based commercial specialists PWS Scotland, part of the Perfect Glazing group.

Foiled windows in the REHAU TOTAL70C system have been installed in both the Tail O’the Bank in Greenock and The Oystercatcher in East Kilbride to match the exterior styling of the buildings.

At the Tail O’the Bank the windows have been foiled in a smooth slate grey to suit the contemporary look of the pub/restaurant and its waterfront setting on East India Harbour.

At the more traditionally styled Oystercatcher, the windows are in a Goldenoak woodgrain foil with a striking six section apex window fabricated for a gable feature.

PWS fabricated and installed more than 50 windows on each project, working on behalf of main contractors Ogilvie Construction. They were awarded the contract on the basis of their product quality and on site efficiency, which had been proven on previous successful installations for large main contractors in Scotland.

On both projects, PVC-U was specified as the frame material by the client Greene King Plc working with architects Smith Design Associates because of its low maintenance, thermal efficiency and choice of finishes.

REHAU prides itself on being the systems house with the broadest and best colour and finishes range and now offers 22 different colour options.

Advertorial: Sibbald Training ADR

Sibbald ADRThe transport industry has long been a part of the Sibbald Family, although Sibbald Training has had little direct involvement with it. In 2010, however, the introduction of Driver CPC Training and the ongoing need to complete periodic training annually created an opportunity for the company to work more closely with professional drivers, and it was embraced by their owner and founder David Sibbald.

All of the training courses at Sibbald, endeavour to provide competitively priced instruction to a high standard, DCPC as a new offering quickly established itself as a new core product and joined their range seamlessly. The ensuing success led to thousands of drivers being trained and accredited for Driving Competence in the newly required periodic modules by Sibbald Training.

A new industry was now being served by Sibbald Training that had long since served this hard working, family oriented and farming family.  The customer base grown and warmly welcomed by Sibbald Training to the company through DCPC brought with them fresh opportunity to provide regulated, industry leading, instructional services and recently D4 Driver Medicals were added to the selection of offerings, with their usual low price, and a view to better serving the new delegates attracted to Sibbald.

The newly acquired Professional Road Using clients also presented a tangible need to add the three to five day ADR training programmes to the Sibbald Training course list. Training in the safe carriage of hazardous goods by road had been of interest to Sibbald Training for some time and the feeling from the industry completing DCPC was one of anticipation at it being added to their course list.

This coming March, commencing Monday the 23rd the first ‘five day ADR course’ is set to begin at the Sibbald Training centre in Blackridge, West Lothian. All involved in adding it to the Sibbald portfolio are enthused at the prospect of its inclusion.

None more so than company owner David Sibbald, who commented:  “I am very encouraged by the response of the transport industry to our DCPC courses. Adding ADR is a natural progression of this offering and I look forward to the success of our first course.”

Sibbald Training is a company accustomed to providing award winning training and Transport News will watch with interest the progression of the company into this area of certification.