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  1. Anonymous

    You have posted yesterday’s Building Briefs under today’s (10th) heading. Is it possibl eto updat ethis?


  2. David Hogg

    In common with many I should like to see a definition of the word “sustainable” in a Planning Law , or indeed real world, context.


  3. Anonymous

    The article about Hardies is hardly headline news; companies up and down the country undergo audits / achieve H&S or SSIP’s accreditations on a daily basis!


  4. dobermansheba

    I see an article about 6000 houses being built in Edinburgh in the next 20 years, I worked abroad and the company I had a senior position in, in the 1970s we build 25000 yes (twenty five thousand homes) in 8 years. Everything in just tinkered with in Scotland, no real ability, enthusiasm or determination the get anything done properly.


  5. Graeme Hutton

    RIAS AWARDS article – Could our ‘Zinc-House’ show the correct building please? I’ve emailed the editor. Thanks – LJRH Chartered Architects


  6. Anonymous

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  7. william

    Ok can you just clear up when you say put people first who do you mean ? I’m looking out my living room window at a what looks like a 4 story brick wall 20 feet away i invested my money in my flat been here 5 years stayed in Edinburgh all my life so who is looking after my interests value of my flat goes down due to this brick wall and now there is 4 windows that can clearly see into my flat so please tell everyone who is looking after the my interest so don’t print crap about people first.

    one very angry resident