Adriana Bucur

Adriana Bucur’s move from retail fashion to construction recruitment at BBR has introduced a fresh perspective to a male dominated industry.

Adriana Bucur attended Glasgow Caledonian University where she graduated with a degree in International Fashion Branding. She initially opted for a career within the fashion retail sector, working in management roles for a number of leading fashion retailers. After notching up some in depth experience, which included two years of retail recruiting, she opted for a new challenge which would see her working in two completely new sectors, one of which was almost exclusively male-dominated.

In August 2017 she joined BBR Services, specialists in residential property and construction recruitment, taking on a newly created role as a consultant to help the company service its growing UK-wide client base. Her day to day focus is on finding quality candidates to take on key positions for BBR’s roster of award-winning national and regional housebuilder companies across the UK.

“Moving from the retail fashion sector, where there is a high proportion of women, into this new position has represented a marked change of direction in my career,” says Adriana, “and I am certainly enjoying the challenges and opportunities that come from this new experience. There’s a lot of variety in what I do. A typical day involves business development where I follow up on leads, go through job applications and shortlist candidates I’ve interviewed. The regular face to face interaction with both the clients and candidates is my favourite part of the job.

“I’ve always considered myself a good judge of character so that has come in very handy, whether you are dealing with men or women.”

Adriana Bucur

“While many of the current managers, directors and job seekers ​I ​work​ with ​in the residential property sales sector are women, the construction side of the business is predominantly male. As a female working within this sector, I’m finding the experience extremely positive and have enjoyed working with a diverse range of both clients and candidates.”

Being able to read people is a key asset in her role, according to Adriana. “I’ve always considered myself a good judge of character so that has come in very handy, whether you are dealing with men or women. I frequently find myself giving advice from personal experiences which can help build trust between myself and candidates.”

Working across a client base made up of major national and international companies, Adriana typically deals with highly experienced professionals. She has had to quickly get to know a wide range of contacts, gaining a strong understanding of their business and culture in the process. Her role in helping BBR Services develop its business outside Scotland to other parts of the UK is also one she is particularly proud of. “One of my biggest achievements to date was picking up a new role for a client in Newcastle within the first two weeks of starting,” she said. “I’m also pleased to have helped place an increasing number of women into construction sector roles.”

“At the end of the day, the mechanics of the job are similar to other roles I’ve had. The focus is all about providing the best possible service and if you do that your efforts are appreciated, regardless of your gender. For clients that means understanding their business to ensure we put forward potential recruits who will be an ideal fit for a role and helping them improve their recruitment process. For candidates it’s all about giving them as much good advice as possible, guiding them through the application process, helping improve their​interview skills and building​ confidence. This can even extend offering style​ tips on what they ​should ​wear​ for an ​interview.

“Being a woman in this role, particularly for the work I do with clients and candidates in the construction sector, has not presented any barriers to me. If anything it creates opportunities as we can bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to what is currently a male dominated industry.

“As we recognise and celebrate International Women’s Day, I hope my own positive experience in recruitment demonstrates that certain barriers are becoming resigned to history with women making an increasingly important contribution in the business world, across a diverse range of industries.”

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