Aberdeen FC drafts in AFL Architects to review new stadium design

AFL Architects has been appointed to perform a design and operational review of Aberdeen FC’s new stadium as the club targets elite status from UEFA.

With the £50 million stadium and training complex at Kingsford receiving planning approval from Aberdeen City Council, the next phase of the development will see AFL work closely with the club to appraise the design.

Rob Wicks, commercial director at Aberdeen FC, said: “We have an ambitious vision to build and operate a dynamic and inclusive stadium which will positively inspire and touch the lives of everyone in the region and help the club achieve long-term success both on and off the pitch.

“AFL are particularly well placed to provide the necessary insight and guidance at this early stage of the process. Once complete, the wider project will act as a catalyst for greater sporting achievements and events in the region and will aid our quest to be a UEFA Top 100 Club.”

The outcomes of the review will ensure the stadium provides opportunities for revenue generation and improves operational efficiency within the bounds of the approved plans.

Recommendations will deliver an economically sustainable venue while significantly enhancing the spectator experience.

The club launched the first phase of the development last week when Sir Alex Ferguson marked the official opening of Cormack Park, AFC’s new community sports hub, training facilities and football academy.

Sir Alex Ferguson at Cormack Park

AFL has performed similar reviews for clubs including Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and several host venues for UEFA EURO events.

John Roberts, director at AFL Architects, said: “This new stadium is the next chapter in Aberdeen FC’s ongoing evolution.

“We are therefore delighted to be involved in this important project, and will be using our wealth of experience in stadia to ensure the club receives a design that proves viable for the long-term, while staying faithful to the original design vision.

“We look forward to working closely with the club and its many invested stakeholders.”

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