Aberdeen withdraws stadium plans

Aberdeen FC stadium Kingsford

Aberdeen Football Club’s planning application for proposed community and sports facilities, football academy, stadium and ancillary works at Kingsford will not now go before Councillors for determination next week.

In a statement the club said it had requested that the decision on the application be deferred to allow further discussions with the planning service.

AFC Chairman Stewart Milne said: “This is a once in a generation project with major implications for the Club, the city and the wider region. It is also an application with a degree of legal and planning complexity that needs to be carefully considered. We have therefore decided to request that our application be deferred to a future meeting of the full council.”

The move follows a long-running and increasingly fraught stand-off between the club and a local action group calling itself  No Kingsford Stadium that is vehemently opposing the plans.

Aberdeen FC stadium Kingsford 2

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen City Council said: “We can confirm that item 9(h), in relation to the application for planning consent for proposed community and sports facilities at West Kingsford, has been withdrawn from the agenda for the meeting of full council on 11 October at the request of the applicant, Aberdeen Football Club.

“Having regard to the nature of the application and the associated complexities, and in light of the public interest, the planning authority has acceded to the request on this occasion.

“The request has been made to enable the applicant to seek further discussions and clarification to take place with the planning authority. If necessary, further planning consultation will follow.”

Protest group No Kingsford Stadium said it was “unsurprised” by news of the deferral and called for the club to find the “right location”.

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