And finally… Building constructed around lamp post in Belgium

heron-1185749_960_720A building in the Belgian town of Keerbergen has been slowly constructed to envelop a street lamp.

The architect, who wants to remain unnamed, said the move was a “creative solution” to authorities taking over two years to move the post, the VRT TV network reports.

“Of course I saw that there was a lighting pole on the lot, I am not blind,” he said.

Amid quips that “the occupants of the top floor won’t have to buy a night light”, he insists he hasn’t made a mistake with his plans. “We could not wait, the administrative sluggishness of the municipality in this case has been shocking,” he said.

The Keerbergen authorities were supposed to have liaised with utilities company Eandis, but a lengthy delay has resulted in the construction company’s temporary solution to their problem.

However, the unusual sight won’t last for long. According to Belgian VTM news website, Eandis will move the lamp post to the other side of the road within a week.

When that’s done, “we’ll brick and tile the facade neatly,” the architect says. “It’s only annoying for our contractor who has to redo his work.”