And finally… Virtual reality dome brings construction site plans to life

Contractors, designers and developers can now experience projects before they start on site, thanks to the creation of a new virtual reality dome.

The Immersive Dome from Soluis creates a fully immersive experience which allows users to engage with 3D environments.

Chris Milborrow of Soluis said the dome has a broad range of applications for the construction sector.

He said: “The dome can be used for a number of things. It can be great as a training aid, allowing companies to train people in a realistic off-site environment which has benefits including cost and risk reduction.

“It allows companies to place stakeholders inside a virtual representation of a project to give them an accurate depiction of how it’ll look when completed, increasing levels of engagement, involvement and understanding.

“This can be really powerful for elevating levels of public outreach.

“And it makes the whole planning and design process more collaborative as teams can meet inside the dome to discuss and debate how key parts of projects are developing.”

See the dome in action here.