Go-ahead for boutique hotel in historic Merchant City building

A new boutique hotel is to be created in a historic Merchant City building after plans were approved by Glasgow councillors.

The 14-bedroom development at 53 Virginia Street, commonly known as The Jacobean Building, was been given the green light by Glasgow City Council’s planning committee last week.

In documents which went before members of the planning committee, it was stated that the current owner has had difficulty renting out parts of the impressive building for commercial use, and that a bar, restaurant and kitchen facilities have already been developed at ground floor and basement levels.

The application had been resubmitted following the rejection of initial proposals for the building by Historic Environment Scotland.

A statement from developers reads: “The neighbouring development in Virginia Court is a fine example of how Virginia Street can improve the opportunities for viable, successful businesses, whilst preserving and promoting the architectural heritage of the area with dynamic and sustainable solutions for building use.

“Acknowledging the significant and unique history of this building and the surrounding streets in this area of Glasgow, our client wishes to revitalise the building function and create a renewed interest in Virginia Street through development of a new destination here.

“Ongoing attempts to market the property following the approval of the bar/ restaurant facility have indicated potential for the upper floors to be redeveloped into a ‘boutique’ hotel with a range of interestingly featured ensuite bedrooms.

“Unique period features, enhanced imaginatively, could provide exciting facilities for a range of tourists to the city and contribute to a successful hotel business.

“This could be managed in partnership with the bar/restaurant or independently.

“The hotel use in this location will add to the variety of available accommodation in this part of the city and enhance the use and accessibility of a Category A Listed building that is important to the history of Glasgow.

“Increased tourist footfall to and from the site can only contribute positively to the economic development of the city.

“Virginia Street is well located strategically but does feel very neglected compared to other streets in the area where there has been more development focus and investment in public realm.”

Images by Core Associates

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