Government overturns Dundee’s refusal of retail and nursery complex

Dundee pizza theatrePlans to develop a retail and nursery complex, including a next generation ‘pizza theatre’, at a former industrial site in Dundee have been approved by the Scottish Government following an appeal.

Dundee City Council had initially voted down the plans for a “next generation” Domino’s pizza outlet, a Starbucks coffee shop, a children’s nursery and a bakery at Dunsinane Industrial estate.

The local authority said the development was contrary to the Dundee Local Development Plan as the site is designated as a Principal Economic Development Area, the function of which would not be supported by the proposal.

The “vitality and viability” of Dundee’s City Centre, District Centres, or Commercial Centres would also be impacted, it added.

However, businessman Henry Dawes appealed the decision and has now been granted planning permission by the government, subject to a total of 14 conditions.

The design statement submitted along with the application stated: “The application site was chosen following a five year search for potential ground within the Dundee Kingsway corridor due to its proximity to the largest employers in the area.

“The location is ideal to do this and in turn will support both existing business and attract new investment.

“The prominence of the location brought with it a desire to create a scheme with an aesthetic importance beyond functionality on this highly visible and important piece of land within Dundee’s evolving built environment.

“As the developer and Dominos franchisee, Joup Properties have striven to create a built form above and beyond that of the norm to include multi floor layers, curved glass and an experience, enabling the customer to enjoy the ‘pizza theatre’, a next generation from the existing innovative stores built by them to date, and a big step forward from those in the rest of the country.”

The site, which was home to the former Valentine’s printing company, has been derelict for more than 20 years.

Around 70 full time and part time jobs are expected to be created by the Domino’s outlet, as well as 15 to 20 jobs at Starbucks.

The proposed children’s nursery would create around 10 full time positions, with the bakery also generating a similar number of jobs.

A decision notice by Trudi Craggs, a reporter appointed by the Scottish Ministers, explained: “Given the size of the site and thus the relatively small area of the principal economic development area which would be lost as a result of the development, I agree with the council’s assessment that the proposal would not undermine the ability of the council to maintain a five year supply within Dundee as required by this policy.

“I am satisfied that there are no other policies of the strategic development plan which are directly relevant to the assessment of this proposal.

“Therefore, I find that the development would be consistent with the terms of the strategic development plan.”

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