Keppie unveils ‘cultural quarter’ vision for Kilmarnock

Aspirational Sketch_Dick Institute redevelopment sculptural park
A sculptural park within the Dick Institute redevelopment

A study to develop recommendations for the historic area to the east of Kilmarnock town centre has been completed by Keppie Design.

The Glasgow-based practice was appointed by East Ayrshire Council to consider the transformational opportunities that exist in advance of the imminent relocation of Kilmarnock Academy.

Sketch showing a flexible public plaza adjacent to the Dick Institute
Sketch showing a flexible public plaza adjacent to the Dick Institute

The Kilmarnock Cultural Quarter is in the vicinity of the renowned Dick Institute and the Palace Theatre complex, and the conclusions of the study are expected to significantly improve the long-term prospects of both facilities.

Keppie’s recommendations for the area were framed in eight core themes and emerged during collaborative consultation events with a number of stakeholder groups, building on the momentum of parallel projects such as The Halo at Hill Street, and a Town Centre Improvement study currently being carried out by TGP.

Aspirational Sketch_Aerial OverviewDavid Ross, Keppie’s design director, said: “It’s a very exciting time for the town. There is a palpable sense of positive anticipation in the local community born out of the council’s desire to develop a unique identity for the town based on vibrant and connected public space. Our vision for the Cultural Quarter captures that spirit.”

DIAGRAMS edit2 100517Karl Doroszenko from East Ayrshire Council added: “The study generated a lot of good ideas, stimulated creative thinking and will be invaluable as we look towards a new, forward thinking, placemaking plan for Kilmarnock Town Centre.”

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