McLaughlin & Harvey named Wates subcontractor on Scape framework

McLaughlin & HarveyWates has appointed McLaughlin & Harvey as a subcontractor to the Scape Major Works UK Framework.

The Major Works UK Framework is designed to deliver construction projects between £10 million and £50m and the potential construction pipeline over the four-year duration of the framework is estimated to be between £1.5 and £2 billion.

Wates was appointed by Scape in April this year as a lead contractor on one of its five lots of the new Scape National Construction framework.

McLaughlin & Harvey will deliver projects in Scotland and Northern Ireland and will support Wates with its projects in England.

This framework has been designed to deliver construction projects across the entirety of the United Kingdom, supported by an extensive local supply chain.

McLaughlin & Harvey’s Scape Team will be led by framework directors Robbie Clark in Scotland and Gary Bell in Northern Ireland. Robbie and Gary will jointly support any projects in England in conjunction with the Wates Scape Team.

In addition to producing visually impressive, efficient to run and highly functional buildings, this framework has been configured to deliver significant levels of local economic engagement, ongoing apprenticeship schemes and extensive community initiatives.

Services delivered to McLaughlin & Harvey’s public sector clients will include:

  • Risk Management
  • Buildability Advice
  • Project Management
  • Site Surveys
  • Site Logistics and Planning
  • Design and Build
  • Local Supply Chain Management
  • Health and Safety Advice
  • Client and Community Engagement
  • Local Training and Employment
  • Post Occupancy Support

McLaughlin & Harvey’s managing director, Philip Cheevers, said, “This is a major boost to our Business throughout the UK but in particular our operations in Scotland and Northern Ireland where we already undertake major projects for the public sector. We look forward to engaging with and supporting our colleagues in the Public Sector on their capital spending programmes and we are committed to helping them ensure social value and community benefits flow from this capital investment.”

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