NHS Grampian submits plan for Aberdeen mental health centre

Work to create a new mental health centre for children and young people in Aberdeen could begin before the end of the year after plans were officially put forward by NHS Grampian.

The Scottish Government has granted £1 million to support the redevelopment on the former Links Unit at the City Hospital.

Under the plans, all current services, which are spread out across three sites in the North-east, would be housed under the same roof.

Spread over 2000 square metres, the Links Unit will have 23 interview rooms and five group rooms across its two floors, as well as space for video conferencing with remote patients and an education room.

An NHS Grampian spokeswoman said: “This move is part of a redesign of the whole system to develop an innovative and reactive Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) ensuring care is delivered in an efficient, effective, and consistent way across Grampian.

“Providing services in a single setting will mean our young people are able to benefit from easier access to specialists and get access to the right type of care that they need, from the right professional at the right time.

“Subject to approval, we hope to start work on the site before the end of the year.”

A target completion date has been set for next spring.

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