Scottish BIM survey launched by Scottish BIM Task Group

David Philp
David Philp

The Scottish BIM Task Group is conducting a survey for construction professionals to help inform and develop the next stage of the building information modelling (BIM) strategy in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is developing its BIM Strategy as set out in the October 2013 Scottish Procurement paper. The Scottish Futures Trust is working with David Philp of the UK Government BIM Task Group and the Scottish BIM Task Group to set out the detail of the strategy in order to achieve Level 2 by the proposed target date of April 2017.

In order to achieve Level 2 effectively a number of elements need to be in place and a number of questions have been set out to find out what the issues are.

Participants are encouraged to pass the survey on to contacts from all parts of the construction industry, from clients, advisors, legal, project and cost management, local authorities, through to consultants, contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, education, industry bodies etc.

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