Stricken builder loses employment tribunal for failing to inform staff of collapse

A Dundee building firm which fell into administration after falling victim to the loss of McGill & Co has lost an employment tribunal regarding the payment of staff wages.

Land & Building Services Limited (L&BS) has ceased trading earlier this year with all 27 staff having been made redundant.

The announcement came just days after hundreds of jobs were lost at Dundee-headquartered McGill, with a resulting lost contract playing a major part in L&BS’ collapse.

The employment tribunal heard that Scott Wilson, a former ganger, started with L&BS in 2016 and heard rumours of its troubles, denied by bosses, in mid-January. L&BS had told employees their jobs were safe just two weeks beforehand.

Judge Ian McFatridge ruled staff had been offered “absolutely no consultation” before the firm closed its doors.

Mr McFatridge said Mr Wilson was given no information he was due and the workforce was not consulted to allow alternatives to redundancy to be sought.

Mr Wilson was given a protective award of 90 days’ pay.

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