£2bn framework to help public sector to drive Scotland’s economic recovery

Scape Procure Scotland has today launched a new framework valued at £2 billion as part of a redesigned construction framework suite which aims to provide direct support to the local economy and Scotland’s green recovery.

£2bn framework to help public sector to drive Scotland’s economic recovery

Projects procured through the framework are expected to deliver significant job creation and provide dedicated opportunities for Scottish contractors.

In addition, Scape said the framework will empower public sector organisations in Scotland to shape their project objectives, whilst offering a wider choice of delivery partners, contracts and performance measurement, without compromising its accelerated direct award model.

The four-year framework, which has the option to be extended until 2027, builds on the success of Major Works – Scotland, part of the Scape National Construction framework which has contributed more than £60 million to local economies within 20 miles of each project. More than 90p in every pound spent through the framework has supported local Scottish SMEs.

The new simplified framework, which is available to all public sector organisations, will accelerate the delivery of innovative and high-quality construction projects across all sectors and values.

A new feature to the Scape Scotland Construction framework is a unique parallel lotting structure that, for the first time, will give commissioning clients the option to engage early with multiple contractors before awarding a project.

This element of the framework has been designed to stimulate innovation and a reinforced commitment from contractors to maintain the highest possible standards.

Whilst this framework will continue the fully managed, direct award model that has become synonymous with Scape, it has also been designed to support the growing list of project objectives that the public sector seeks to address. These include enhanced local economic engagement and supporting the achievement of Scotland’s 2045 net-zero society goal.

Users of the framework will also benefit from a wider range of NEC contract options. These new contracts will provide greater opportunity for collaboration and flexibility across the supply chain on longer-term, higher-value projects or for specifying performance objectives that cover the full life cycle of an asset. 

The new £2bn framework will be structured into four parallel lots based on project value:

£2bn framework to help public sector to drive Scotland’s economic recovery

John Simons, head of procurement and audit at Scape Group, said: “This is by far the most innovative framework in our 15-year history and, importantly, offers a future proofed model that is dedicated to supporting Scotland’s public sector and construction industry. It also promotes more choice and control for the public sector, whilst maintaining Scape’s heritage in framework and performance management and keeping the pound in Scotland.

“Our public sector colleagues in Scotland have a diverse mix of challenges that they have to tackle as a part of the projects they commission, including a commitment to ensuring their spend delivers the greatest possible benefit to Scotland’s economy. By introducing what we believe is the first ever parallel lotting structure within a direct award framework, we feel that we can help to clear a path to achieving those objectives, whilst maintaining a bedrock of rigour, compliance and client support.

“By providing clients with the flexibility to decide how success is defined, be that related to local spend, community benefits or low carbon initiatives, we can help the public sector to meet their strategic goals.

“For contractors, the new framework will enable them to do what they do best. They will continue to have the opportunity to engage early, collaborate with clients and to deliver project excellence at pace, that shows the industry at its most innovative and impactful.”

Mark Robinson, Scape Group chief executive, said: “The construction industry has a clear mandate from Holyrood to play its part in driving Scotland’s economic recovery.

“The entire economy has experienced a shock to the system over recent months. As a public sector organisation, we have a duty to play our part in accelerating project delivery and to ensure that the right mix of contractors is available to support the sector with a real commitment to innovation and local delivery.

“Importantly, we need to ensure that the wide range of adjacent social, economic and environmental objectives are uncovered upfront; that they are planned in and treated with the same rigour as time, cost and quality.

“Our role is to broker the right relationships and conversations between the private and public sector. Underpinned by a delivery model that has a proven track record of successful delivery, we believe that our new Construction framework for Scotland will not only nurture those partnerships and deliver great buildings but that they will ensure each and every project plays its part in driving the economic recovery.”

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