Affordable homes plans on show for land at Aberdeen Airport

Plans are in the pipeline to develop more than 300 affordable homes on a vacant site near Aberdeen Airport.

The Evening Express has reported that First Endeavour LLP is to submit a proposal of application notice to Aberdeen City Council to build the homes near the BP garage site on Riverview Drive, Dyce.

The Aberdeen-based firm has acquired the site where it proposes to build 302 socially affordable houses, which will be available for rent.

Under the plans, there will be 58 one-bedroom homes for one occupant, along with 36 one-bedroom homes for two people.

There are also plans for 156 two-bedroom homes, 44 three-bed homes and eight five-bedroom homes within the development.

A First Endeavour spokesman said: “There is a huge demand for social housing. There is more people living in single occupancy and couples that don’t have children.

“We’re working with the council’s housing department and associations to find out where the greatest need is to accommodate that and key workers will certainly be a key part of that need.

“Developments like this are a huge economic driver for filling empty posts including teachers and the police.”

The firm has had contact with Police Scotland while developing its proposals in a bid to potentially accommodate key workers.

The site, which is also near the BP headquarters on Wellheads Avenue, has lain vacant for the past three to four years. And the developers are working with architects Halliday Fraser Munro to draw up their proposals ahead of submitting their proposal of application notice to the local authority.

A public consultation will take place on Tuesday from 1.30pm until 7.30pm at the Marriott Hotel in Dyce, with residents, businesses and councillors all welcome to attend. The firm’s spokesman added they would appreciate the community’s feedback and input in shaping the application.

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