All-digital Scottish Design Awards mark night to remember

A difficult year has been lent some perspective by the 2020 Scottish Design Awards which highlighted the creative beacons which have done most to light our way out of the dark days of lockdown.

All-digital Scottish Design Awards mark night to remember

The only awards programme to combine the architecture and design spheres the event is sponsored by Urban Realm and The Drum magazines as a mechanism for showcase the full scope of the creative sector and the value it can add in terms of enhancing all our lives.

This year the design field was dominated by Playdead who rocketed past the competition to earn a Grand Prix for their work on Basecamp Moon, a bespoke film commissioned by the Luxembourg Space Agency to inspire future exploration.

The design panel, chaired by Helen Fothergill, head of collections at Aberdeen City Council Art Gallery and Museums, had this to say: “It’s beautifully filmed and hangs together really well. It’s got everything. There is so much rich design on so many different levels. They do well to bring something fresh and excel on all fronts. How they mixed film and animation seemed correct for the processes they were trying to explain.”

Other big winners on the night included Freytag Anderson who walked away not only with the Design Agency of the Year accolade but also the chairman’s award for Rapscallion Soda, which is transforming perceptions of the soft drink sector through punchy packaging.

Not to be outdone the architecture component of the evening continues to build presence thanks to the efforts of Page\Park which secured a Grand Prix courtesy of its achievement at Leeds Playhouse. While much of the leisure economy remains stuck in the doldrums, Page\Park bring some much-needed joy to a struggling sector with a colourful approach.

Explaining their decision, the architecture panel, chaired by Marina Strotz, president of Birmingham Architectural Association, explained: “There’s a willful and charming use of colour which a lot of architects shy away from. It’s welcoming and not too stuffy and will encourage diverse audiences. There’s a big wow about it and it’s socially important.

“The ceramic patterning brings something creative and innovative back to the street. It’s a happy, joyous building. The most striking piece of design.”

The chairman’s award meanwhile was received by GRAS Architects for its work at Kyle House, singled out for its ‘timeless richness and charm’ while Oliver Chapman Architects walked away with the practice of the year award having contributed two of the finest projects in this year’s programme; The Egg Shed in Ardrishaig and the Flitch House, Edinburgh.

John Glenday, editor of media partner Urban Realm, said: “The Scottish Design Awards have capped a remarkable night to remember with a cavalcade of awards, commendations and presentations that kept conversation flowing - even if the only wine flowing was our own.

“As the first all-digital presentation in the history of the award’s, this year’s event saw us conquer a new domain and in the process communicate outstanding design to all corners of the country. Truly this has been our most democratic award yet.” 

A full list of award winners is attached and available to view here.

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