And finally… a home from dome

And finally... a home from dome

Image: Pacific Domes

A striking, custom-built domed home has been built in the western part of North Carolina.

An image of the home, captured in a snow-covered forest setting, was in a post on Reddit by user Bvcrude. The title says, “Here’s my geodesic dome,” a globe-shaped design structure formed with interlocking triangles.

The unique home was built using a 30-foot kit from Pacific Domes, a manufacturer based in Oregon dedicated to “conscientious, energy-efficient living,” according to its website.

The Reddit user, who preferred to not disclose his name, told Newsweek that his geodesic dome, which houses three people, “stays plenty warm in the winter, though we may add a wood-burning stove next year to add a little more warmth.”

Setting everything up for the dome housing, from the septic tank work to burying power lines and digging a well, was completed “all in over 100k [U.S. dollars]. But we got a million dollar view. Worth it,” the poster said in a later comment.

The homeowner in the Reddit post said his geodesic dome sits on an engineered deck around five feet off the ground. Equipped with an insulating blanket and heated/cooled by a 12,000 BTU mini-split air conditioner, the dome “makes for a comfortable living space,” he wrote in the post.

The dome features a floor area of 695 square feet, while it has a volume of 7,000 cubic feet and reaches a height of 15 feet, according to the Pacific Domes website.

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