And finally… Airbnb unveils $10m fund to build ‘the world’s craziest spaces’

And finally... Airbnb unveils $10m fund to build 'the world's craziest spaces'

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Airbnb is giving away $10 million to help 100 people make their “craziest listing ideas” come true.

As part of its OMG! Fund, the home-rental platform is asking people to submit “out-of-this-world” ideas for “the world’s craziest spaces.” The plans will be judged by an expert panel and the top 100 applicants will receive $100,000 in financing each.

Airbnb listed various properties – including those designed in the shape of a boot, a UFO, and a massive potato as examples of unusual listings already available on the platform.

The company said its looking for:

Originality - A winning design will be more than just different. It should be surprising, one-of-a-kind, and inspire people to reimagine what a home can be.

Feasibility - Your entry should be achievable and able to pass building inspections and the like. It will also need to be completed by August 2023.

Experience - The interior should be as memorable as the exterior, striking a perfect balance between oddball concept and comfortable home.

Sustainability - Think green. Consider using clean energy and recycled materials. Your home should have a big impact on guests and a small one on the planet.

Apply here.

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