And finally… Architect apologises for ‘eerie howl’ caused by Manchester skyscraper

Architect Ian Simpson has apologised for what residents have described as a howl, a hum and a scream emanating from a skyscraper in Manchester.

The 47-storey Beetham Tower emits a weird and incredibly loud noise every time the wind picks up.

A video posted on YouTube, taken on Sunday when the city faced gale-force winds, has captured the eerie noise.

Mr Simpson told the Manchester Evening News that the building’s unintentional sound effects are caused by winds rushing over the glass “blade” at the top.

The blade is decorative, Simpson said.

“I am completely aware of the noise because I live at the top of the building,” Simpson told the paper in 2012. “I would like to apologise for that and we are looking to address it so that next year we don’t have the same problem.”

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