And finally… Artist showcases Kama Sutra inspired architecture

Italian illustrator Federico Babina has unveiled a series of images where buildings rather than people demonstrate sexual positions made famous in the Kama Sutra.

Babina’s ‘Archisutra’ project features pairs of buildings that appear to be engaging in sexual intercourse, referencing the ancient Indian Hindu guide to love and sex

In each image, the buildings’ structures have been drawn to resemble different parts of the human anatomy. Differently sized windows look like facial features, while angled volumes take the form of arms and legs.

“It’s always fun to play with the architectural forms and volumes,” Babina told “You can interweave geometries to create a sculptural body shaking in a voluptuous architectural embrace.”

Some images in the series are two-dimensional, while others have been drawn in three dimensions.

According to the illustrator, the series highlights the sexual symbolism inherent in many famous buildings. He refers to a quote from Swiss-French architect Bernard Tschumi, who wrote: “Architecture is the ultimate erotic act”.

“Many architectural constructions lean, voluntarily or involuntarily, on metaphoric values and on sexual symbolism,” said Babina. “The semantic, metaphoric and symbolic meaning of architecture is a constant through the ages regardless of the style and the historical period.”

“Simultaneously, in these illustrations I like to imagine an anthropomorphic architecture infused by surreal themes to depict the unconscious double-life of architecture,” he added.

Babina has created numerous image collections based on famous architectural images and characters. Examples include a series of famous architect quotes reimagined as roadside advertisements.

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