And finally… Be X-tra careful

And finally... Be X-tra careful

An engineer who was hit with a high medical bill for a hospital visit requiring X-rays has embarked on a project to build his own machine that will do the job for him.

William Osman, a YouTuber who is known for combining engineering and entertainment, posted a video last week outlining how a recent visit resulted in a bill of more than $69k.

He explains that, thanks to his health insurance policy, he will only have to pay roughly $2,500, and that, when combined with annual insurance costs, the total will be around $8,500.

Then he embarks on an extremely reckless and risky endeavour to build his own fully functional X-ray machine for less than the cost of his actual medical expenses.

And he actually achieves what he sets out to do in his garage, as detailed in the 17-minute video. Osman manages to construct a working X-ray machine out of a $400 60,000-volt power supply, a $155 X-ray vacuum tube salvaged from a discarded dental X-ray head, multiple Geiger counters, and a roll of lead sheet metal. He calls it his “magnum opus,” saying, “This is the most dangerous contraption I have ever built.”

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