And finally… Builder sacked for viral Snapchat video gets new job

A builder who was sacked for a prank Snapchat video which mocked his supervisors for being lazy has got a new job and it turns out his new boss thought the video was actually pretty funny too.

Last month, Alun Rees from Rhonda in Wales was left unemployed after a series of Snapchat videos went viral and he was sacked from his job, Wales Online has reported.

The builder worked for construction company HPC for nearly two years and was working at an EDF Energy site in Bridgewater building two power stations.

But after posting a series of Snapchat videos on Facebook, Mr Rees found himself in a disciplinary hearing and was fired three days later.

The video, which saw Mr Rees posing as two characters by using different Snapchat filters, was viewed more than 145,000 times with many describing it as “brilliant” and “hilarious”.

It saw Mr Rees acting out a scenario where a person applies for a job in the company and the boss.

Throughout the four-and-a-half-minute video, Mr Rees offers the caller, who doesn’t want to work hard or learn anything, three jobs with the final being a role of the supervisor.

“You haven’t got to do anything, you haven’t got to keep your eyes open all day and there’s absolutely no learning involved whatsoever,” he says in the video.

But bosses at HPC didn’t find the video as funny, saying it was against company policy and that they had no choice but to let him go.

Luckily, he soon managed to get himself another job - and, it turns out, his new boss thought the video was actually pretty funny.

“I wasn’t out of work for that long really,” Mr Rees said.

“I made a couple of calls - and a lot of people promised me this and that, but in the end I managed to start work around two weeks later.

“My new boss knew who I was as soon as I walked into the office.

“I guess it’s easier to make friends when people know who you are.

“I think he thought it was pretty funny, to be honest.”

Mr Rees says he’s happier than ever in his new job - which sees him performing the same roles as before, but leaves him with more time to spend with his family.

“I’m definitely a lot happier in my new job - I get to tuck my kids into bed and have more free time,” he said.

The reaction to the video now means Mr Rees has also become somewhat of a celebrity in his local community.

“To be honest, the response has been great - everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s funny.

“There have been a couple of negative comments, but all in all - it’s been good.

“It just went massive. It was brilliant. I was gobsmacked by it - still am now.

“I get a few beeps from cars now and again and people start shouting out their windows.

“It’s been a good 15 minutes of fame.”

And if you’re wondering whether there will be any more videos - fear not, because Mr Rees says there will be plenty more to come.

“I think as long as I don’t do any more videos in work time or do any about my new boss - it will be fine.

“But there will definitely be more videos - I just need someone to give me some inspiration.”

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