And finally… Building up a tan

Two daring Dundonians took having fun in the sun to new heights yesterday by using scaffolding outside a block of flats as a makeshift balcony.

The duo decided to make use of the structure at the front of a top-floor Morgan Street flat, three storeys up, by apparently climbing out of the window to bask in the warm weather.

They were even seen stocking up on food and drink as they enjoyed a leisurely Sunday in temperatures pushing 20C.

The stunt was captured on camera and the picture went viral after being uploaded to social media.

John Hayes, senior lecturer in history and politics at Dundee and Angus College, from Arbroath, was helping his partner move from her flat on Albert Street when he spotted the sunseeking man and woman.

He told the Evening Telegraph: “I looked out of the window and I saw that two folk were at the top of some scaffolding across the way.

“They were climbing in and out the window, with drinks and food, sunbathing.

“They had sun loungers up and were enjoying the sunshine.

“I thought that it was totally brilliant.”

John decided to snap a photo of the two and it immediately went viral after being posted on his Facebook page —being shared more than 3,000 times in just a few hours.

Locals reacted on social media, with some questioning whether the move would pass all of the relevant health and safety checks.

One person queried whether or not the sunbathers were wearing safety hats. Others backed the brazen baskers, with one person posting: “That’s doing it in style.”

But Maryfield councillor Lynne Short called the incident “terribly frightening”.

She added: “There was no thought spared for their own safety or the example they were setting to kids.”

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