And finally… coffee break

And finally... coffee break

A construction worker from Ontario found out about his lottery win in the most “Canadian” way possible.

David Cornell had stopped by a store to buy a lottery ticket and picked the Instant Diamond Club ticket, which stood out for its size.

“I thought, ‘You must win big with a ticket this big!’,” he said.

Cornell then went about his day and grabbed his usual cup of coffee.

He was thrilled when he realised that he had won the Instant Diamond Club top prize worth $250,000.

Cornell recalled: “My wife and I were at Tim Hortons having coffee and playing our tickets — that’s when I discovered my win,” he said. “We were both shocked.”

“We didn’t think it was real until I scanned it on the OLG App,” he said.

A true romantic, he added: “I always told my wife that I used up all my luck on her. But now, I can say I was lucky enough to win.”

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