And finally… Construction workers revealed as the UK’s safest drivers

workers drivingConstruction workers are the safest drivers on UK roads, according to data released today by Aviva.

Information compiled using data from the insurance firm’s new Aviva Drive app rated professions by their driving safety scores.

The app uses smartphone technology to record a motorist’s driving style over 200 miles and provides them with an individual rating out of 10, based on how safely they drive, in relation to acceleration, braking and cornering.

Aviva has looked at the occupations of more than 20,000 drivers who have registered with the app, to find out which professions score the highest.

The ten high scoring occupations as revealed by the app are:


Percentage who scored between 7.1-10 using the Aviva Drive app

1. Construction Worker


2. Staff Nurse


3. Operations Manager


4. Social Worker


5. Soldier


6. Local Government Officer


7. Support Worker


8. IT Manager


9. Telecommunications Engineer


10. Assistant Teacher



Adam Beckett, propositions director for Aviva said: “The Aviva Drive app is designed to record how safely people drive to produce an individual score for that person.

“There are lots of factors which affect how safely a person drives and we’re not saying that everyone in a certain profession drives in a particular way, but it’s interesting to see that some occupations score particularly well.

“People can be reassured that the app measurement is specific to the driver in question, so the safer drivers will get a higher rating – whatever their occupation.”

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