And finally… Copenhagen recycling facility to double as snowboarding slope

Plans have been unveiled for a recycling facility in Copenhagen, encased within a manmade hill that could double as a running track, picnic area or even a snowboarding slope.

Architecture firm BIG was commissioned by waste management company Amagerforbrænding to create the 1,200-square-metre recycling centre at Sydhavns, the city’s southern port.

Conceived as “a public space rather than a piece of infrastructure”, the Sydhavns Recycling Center is designed as an artificial hill with recycling facilities in its centre and a grassy park over its top, reports Deezen.

“As a society, our investment in waste management often ends up as utilitarian facilities of concrete boxes that constitute grey areas on our city maps,” explained BIG in a statement. “What if they could become attractive and lively urban spaces in the neighbourhoods they form part of?”

A sunken figure-of-eight at the centre of the hill will create two banks of recycling bins, laid out as a pair of roundabouts.

A tunnel-like opening at the north-east corner of the site will function as an entrance and exit for vehicles, allowing drivers to circumnavigate the entire space.

“In its simplest form the recycling station is a way to start thinking of our cities as integrated man-made ecosystems, where we don’t distinguish between the front and back of house,” said the firm.

These areas will be concealed by the surrounding grassy banks, where BIG plans to create fitness areas, viewpoints and picnic spaces, as well as a pathway overlooking the activities below.

“From the ridge of the crater, curious citizens can look into the recycling square and learn about the journey of recycled materials graphically illustrated on the inside of the crater wall,” added BIG.

One proposal image also show visitors snowboarding on the building.

The project is set to start on site later this year, and completion is pencilled in for 2016.

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