And finally… Councillors suggest recreating Mackintosh Building in Dennistoun or Easterhouse

Image: Alan McAteer

Local councillors have suggested recreating the Glasgow School of Art’s famous Mackintosh Building in the East End of the city, the Evening Times has reported.

The historic property suffered its second devastating fire in four years earlier this month with a partial demolition planned to begin very soon.

Martin McElroy and Maureen Burke both claim a move for the Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed building could boost the area’s regeneration efforts.

One wants to see the building moved to Dennistoun while the other suggests Easterhouse would be a welcoming home.

Mr McElroy, the Labour party’s representative in Springburn/Robroyston ward, said: “Like all Glaswegians I was saddened to see the damage that this fire has caused to one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

“If it cannot be saved and needs to be rebuilt we should look at locating the new Glasgow School of Art in a part of the city that requires regeneration.

“There are a number of gap sites in the north and east of the city that would be suitable and could provide a huge boost to an area that needs it.”

The politician believes cash to take down and rebuild the building could come from the sale of the land it currently sits on.

He added: “The land in Garnethill is potentially very valuable and could offset some of the costs associated with a rebuild as well.

“Because of the world famous nature of our School of Art we could potentially be talking about regenerating an entire neighbourhood.

“As a proud son of Glasgow, I am certain that this is something that Charles Rennie Mackintosh would be happy to have as the next phase of his legacy.”

Maureen Burke, Labour councillor for the North East ward, suggested Easterhouse as a potential new home for the Mack.

The area has undergone extensive regeneration, including the building of arts centre The Bridge.

Ms Burke said: “As every politician and member of the public would say, it is really sad what has happened.

“If they can save the building, that is great.

“If it is the case they need to look at rebuilding it, as a councillor for the north and east end of the city, we should be looking at other options and this could be one.

“There is a lot of regeneration happening on this side of the city.

“If you look at The Bridge, no one thought that would work but now it is thriving.

“Easterhouse has various plots of vacant land available and we should be looking at that as an option.”

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