And finally… Dog hotel opens for pampered pooches

A new hotel with private suites, temperature-controlled flooring and a state-of-the-art spa has opened - catering only for dogs.

Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa in Ayr is based on facilities in Beverley Hills and Hollywood, and is unlike traditional kennels, staff said.

Rooms cost £29 a day and dogs can make use of an indoor artificial grass play area - said to be the only one in the UK - a sauna, a bone-shaped splash pool and specialist showers that “massage as they clean”.

Run by 22-year-old Will Aitken with his mother Nannette on their family farm on the outskirts of Ayr, it is hoped dog owners will check their pets into Bellslea when they go on holiday.

For people who can hardly bear being separated from their dog, each of the 28 rooms is fitted with webcams allowing owners to keep an eye on their pets online while they are apart.

TVs in the rooms also have a two-way audio system meaning owners “can talk to their pet too”.

Meals are specially prepared to the particular tastes of the dogs - from traditional dog food to cooked chicken.

It cost £500,000 to renovate an agricultural shed on the farm and build an extension to house the facility.

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