And finally… falls from grace

And finally... falls from grace

The body behind the maintenance of Yuntai Mountain Waterfall – billed as China’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall – has been forced to provide an explanation after a video emerged which showed the flow of water was actually coming from a pipe built high into the rock face.

Operators of the Yuntai tourism park said that they made the “small enhancement” during the dry season so visitors would feel that their trip had been worthwhile.

A video began trending shortly after it was first posted on the social media site Douyin on Monday.

“The one about how I went through all the hardship to the source of Yuntai Waterfall only to see a pipe,” the caption of the video posted by user “Farisvov” reads.

The topic “the origin of Yuntai Waterfall is just some pipes” began trending all over social media.

It received more than 14 million views on Weibo and nearly 10 million views on Douyin – causing such an uproar that local government officials were sent to the park to investigate.

They asked the operators to learn a lesson from the incident and explain the enhancements to tourists ahead of time, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

The park later posted on behalf of the waterfall saying, “I didn’t expect to meet everyone this way”.

“As a seasonal scenery I can’t guarantee that I will be in my most beautiful form everytime you come to see me,” it adds.

“I made a small enhancement during the dry season only so I would look my best to meet my friends.”

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