And finally… fit for a viking

And finally... fit for a viking

Two construction workers who are obsessed with Norse mythology are working to transform the Montana woods into a Scandinavian oasis.

Twin brothers Nick and Andy Bertrand inherited their Scandinavian roots from their father’s side of the family and have used it as inspiration to build an entire Viking community.

They feel a deeper connection with their Norse ancestry and wish to live in their creation as Vikings complete with hand-crafted thrones and tunics.

“We want to be able to contribute something unique, something that hasn’t been done around here,” Nick Bertrand told The Flathead Beacon.

“It would be fun to share it with everybody and have a place where people can really dive into the Nordic and Viking culture. We’re looking for it to be a full immersion experience, a full step away from the modern world.”

The plans for the Montana Viking village in Flathead include creating a big mead hall to use as a gathering space, building Nordic-inspired cabins to rent out short-term and constructing giant rune stones and carved relics for visitors to appreciate and pay homage to Norse Gods.

“This will be a great place to elevate that and celebrate the Celtic and Nordic cultures,” Andy added.

Using their construction skills, the pair created the Lord of the Rings-inspired experience from the bottom-up in Flathead, Montana. The Bertrands, who even share a birthday with the fictional hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, use many raw materials to craft Norse arts and crafts and make their Viking haven even more authentic.

They are experts at crafting wood, stone, antler and bone and create their artwork under the name Brilliant Raven Workshop.

A favourite material of the twins is the unique diamond willow they harvest in the north woods and have used to carve two special thrones that are worthy of a feature in Marvel’s Thor movies.

The brothers actively post on their Instagram and Facebook pages, where they upload their arts and crafts as well as construction projects they’re working on outside of the village.

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