And finally.. from pillar to post

And finally.. from pillar to post

Image: Arnav Gupta

A pillar from a long-unfinished flyover in India grabbed the attention of locals once more more when lamp posts were spotted affixed to the structure.

The Bengaluru flyover, which is supposed to connect Ejipura with Madiwala, has been an internet favourite since work began more than six years ago.

Recently, a viral picture added an amusing twist to the story, revealing lamp posts standing proudly on the flyover pillars, which have been dubbed the “Bangalore Stonehenge”.

Arnav Gupta shared the picture with a hilarious caption, playfully quipping, “Since the flyover will never be built, we are using the pillars as lamp posts now.”

Initially, the tender for the four-lane 2.5-kilometre flyover was given to Kolkata-based construction firm Simplex Infrastructure Limited. The company missed multiple deadlines despite several warnings and even served two notices. With the construction taken up in May 2017 and the 30-month deadline ending in November 2019, so far only 42.83% of the project has been completed. In March 2022, a fresh tender was issued but the construction remains incomplete.

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