And finally… Giant glass shoe shaped church built in Taiwan

A church shaped like a giant version of Cinderella’s fabled glass slipper has been built in Taiwan to entice female visitors.

Over 320 tinted glass panels were used to build the 16-metre-tall high-heeled shoe, which was constructed by the local government of Taiwan’s Southwest Coast National Scenic Area.

The church will not hold ceremonies, but is to be used as a venue and backdrop for couples’ pre-wedding photographs – a popular tradition in the country.

The tinted blue glass structure is 55-feet tall at the top of the heel, and 36-feet wide. It’s taken two months to build at a cost of $686,000, according to the BBC.

The design of the glass slipper was inspired by the story of a local woman whose wedding was cancelled after legs were amputated, and who lived out her days in a church.

The building will open to the public on February 8.

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