And finally… Giant humanoid robot used to fix power lines

And finally... Giant humanoid robot used to fix power lines

Image: The West Japan Rail Company

A Japanese railway company has unveiled a giant worker robot that can be tasked to carry out jobs that are considered risky for humans.

The robot has a human-like torso and a pair of hands to carry out a range of tasks, such as cleaning the power lines with a specially-designed multi-angle brush. It can also carry out maintenance tasks using its clamp-like hands that are compatible with a host of other tools, New Atlas reported.

Perched on top of the torso is a pair of digital cameras that serve as eyes for the human operator that handles the robot through a virtual reality (VR) headset. Using motion-tracking, the operator controls the movement of the cameras on the robot, while a pair of handles help him control the robot’s arms and hands. If an external force acts on the arms, it is relayed back to the pilot’s controls, who can then take necessary action.

Thanks to the hydraulic crane that hoists the torso, the robot can do some heavy lifting.

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