And finally… Glasgow University student’s Lego dream

University of Glasgow legoA student’s love of Lego could see Glasgow University’s iconic campus immortalised in the plastic bricks.

James Bruce May, 21, has painstakingly designed a Lego model of the university’s main building in the hope that the Danish firm may manufacture it.

The third-year design student submitted his plans to the Lego Ideas website after seeing a miniature version of the Gilmorehill campus outside the university’s gift shop

The site invites Lego fans from across the globe to submit online plans for what they would like to see the turned into a new kit.

If a plan receives over 10,000 likes it is then evaluated by company chiefs, if approved the kit is then put into production and sold across the globe.

The mechanical design engineering student has already received support from his peers after releasing his design of the building back in November 2014.

He now hopes that by enlisting support from current university students and alumni his kit design will hit the magic 10,000 like mark.

“It would be good for students to have something to buy when they graduate or for international students to take home as gifts,” James told STV.

“I’m quite interested in architectural models and as I study here, I am always surrounded by the building so thought it would be great to recreate it.”

James has held a life-long fascination with the plastic bricks and has devoted hours into designing and building hundreds of different items which include blocky representations of movie characters and sets.

His Glasgow University design incorporates as much of the iconic structure as possible including the main building, tower, tree, quads and church.

However the task of shrinking down so much history and architecture into the tiny plastic bricks was not without problems.

“Me and my friends tried to make the university out of separate parts before but trying to get specific colours was too expensive.

“The reaction to my idea so far has been positive and we think it will appeal to anyone who appreciates the architecture of the building.”

Glasgow University’s main building, constructed in 1870, sits atop Gilmorehill and has a view over the whole of Glasgow.

Often compared to the Hogwarts building in Harry Potter series the building is renowned for its stunning architecture and the church can usually be spotted in the Glasgow skyline.

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