And finally… grin and bear it

And finally... grin and bear it

A team of plate glass installers were working on a construction site in New Hampshire when a very unexpected “new employee” decided to join their ranks.

Company owner Mindy Stark Scott was returning to the office when she received a FaceTime call from one of her co-workers at the construction site. He wanted to let her know that a “potential team member” had taken their truck… He sent her a video along with the call.

“I ask: “Is it a bear? “What the hell is a bear?” Scott says. “None of us could believe that there was a bear in the truck.”

Cold-bloodedly extending one hand out of the window, the bear seemed to assume the role of observer, closely following the progress of the construction work. As it turned out, it was just a diversionary manoeuvre!

“There were two lunch boxes between the seats,” Scott said. “The bear opened the lid and took out a bag with nuts and berries.”

Of course, the new employee ate everything!

In the end, the builders gathered courage and with a few waves of their hands were able to drive the bear away.

“He jumped out of the truck, walked a couple of meters away and decided to take a nap,” Scott said. “My team continued to work until the end of the day.”

Surprisingly, apart from the stolen food, the bear left no damage at all. Even a scratch!

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