And finally… Home built using nappies

A 168-square-foot house complete with a small grassy garden, granite countertops, a solar panel on the roof to power the door chime and lights, has been constructed using boxes of Huggies.

U.S. non-profit organisation HomeAid Orange County held its second annual Builders for Babies event, a campaign at Angels Stadium on Friday benefiting homeless families.

Teaming up with local building companies, it set a challenge to create homes in a day made from ‘diapers’ and ‘diaper packages’.

“This is a fun way to raise awareness about the need for diapers,” said Dave Prolo, vice president of operations for Southern California Cal Atlantic homes.

HomeAid’s goal is to collect more than 1 million diapers to be donated to 19 homeless shelters and facilities in Orange County. Last year, the organisation took in 1.8 million diapers.

“Not many people are aware of how important and expensive diapers are,” Scott Larson, executive director of HomeAid, said. “The average cost of diapers for a family is $100 a month. So, for some low-income families, they have to make a serious economic decision – food or diapers.”

This year, seven building companies and the YMCA of Orange County constructed homes. Brookfield Residential brought 647 boxes of diapers (68 diapers each per box) to build a home standing 11 feet tall with a 200-square-foot living room.

“You could live in there,” Louis Navarette, a design tech manager with the compnay, said. His team used 3D imaging software to design the structure. “All you need is dry wall and plumbing.”

The homes – painted and decorated – were displayed in the stadium’s parking lot under the Big A sign. Vehicles, mostly representing the real estate, building and trade industries, drove by dropping off donations. After the drive, the diapers and other construction materials, such as the granite and wood, were donated.

“This is the right thing to do,” said Brian Pickler, president at Outdoor Dimensions, whose company donated more than 25,000 diapers for the cause. “It’s for a good cause and there’s a big need for this.”

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