And finally… Lego launches model version of its new visitor centre

LEGO HouseLego has unveiled a model set of its new Lego House to coincide with the opening next month.

The LEGO House (21037) kit will be launched just ahead of the grand opening of the visitor centre, which was designed by architecture firm BIG for the company’s hometown of Billund, Denmark.

The 774-piece, 197-step kit replicates the stacked-block formation of the building and its brightly coloured terraces, which indicate different zones within the building. A block shaped like a giant lego brick crowns the building.

The kit is part of the Lego Architecture line, which also includes Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum and a set of kits that allows architecture lovers to build skylines of cities around the world.

lego-house-modelThe set will be sold exclusively at the Lego House, but 600 AFOLs – Adult Fans of Lego – will have a chance to snap up the kit on September 22, when the centre will be hosting a special pre-opening event.

Plans for the visitor centre, which is designed to resembled a set of giant building blocks, were unveiled back in 2013 and work began the following year.

The building’s location in Billund, where Lego was founded in 1932, puts it close to the Lego theme park.

It will include a mixture of free and paid-for attractions including a town square and a cafe where meals will be served in Lego brick-shaped lunchboxes by robots.

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