And finally…mayhem in the Mearns

Aberdeenshire Council workers have had to erase road markings that have baffled drivers and led vehicles directly into each others’ paths.

The local authority has had to remove arrows painted on to Stonehaven’s Market Square car park after locals noticed they were directing cars to go in different directions.

The arrows were only painted on last week, but went viral after being spotted by residents.

David Fleming, the chairman of the Stonehaven Town Partnership, said it was a “hilarious situation”, adding: “The arrows have now been taken away.”

He said the markings had been painted in such a way several years ago and the council had “simply foll owed what is on the ground and repainted over the previous arrows”.

Mr Fleming added the incident had caused a “great stir” in the community.

An Aberdeenshire Council spokeswoman said: “There is work planned for the renewal of parking bay lines, disabled bays, ‘keep clear’ text and hatching, and the installation of one new electric vehicles charging bay at Market Square car park. The planned works does not include the renewal of arrows.”

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