And finally… Mitsubishi develops ‘world’s fastest elevators’ at 1,230 metres a minute

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed elevator technologies that achieved a speed of 1,230 meters per minute, or 20.5 meters per second, which the company claims is the fastest elevator speed in the world.

The new technologies will be installed to one of three elevators at China’s tallest building, the 632-meter Shanghai Tower.

worlds fastest elevatorsThe record-breaking speed was achieved through the development of new equipment, including control panel that can maximise the traction machine’s performance, and improvements of safety devices such as the speed governor, brake device and buffer. Once the elevator is equipped with the new technologies, it can travel from the second-level basement to the 119th floor in just 53 seconds.

While Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge technologies drastically increase the speed, the elevator also delivers enhanced safety, top-level riding comfort, silence and power saving.

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