And finally… Muddied up

And finally... Muddied up

Construction workers were concerned when a sluggish movement was detected in a deep muddy hole on an urban construction site.

After scanning the pit, they discovered a tiny mammal desperately drowning and struggling to stay afloat in the muck. They gathered together and hauled out what they thought was a puppy as soon as feasible after discovering it.

The animal was completely buried in a hard crust of dried mud from head to tail by the time his owners brought him to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital. Trash plastic strands hung from his stomach. The terrified newborn was washed by the vet staff, only to discover that he wasn’t a ‘dog’ after all.

As a warm shower flushed away the arid layers of mud, the staff realized that the poor baby was actually a fox cub. After a very long dunking and scrubbing session, the four-month-old cub finally recovered from the shock and was able to move freely again. To commemorate this one-of-a-kind rescue, the staff has named the baby ‘Muddsey’.

Muddsey is doing great now, and the veterinarian staff will set him correctly when he’s completely healthy.

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