And finally… NASA to take giant leap onto housing ladder

And finally... NASA to take giant leap onto housing ladder

NASA has unveiled plans to develop homes on the moon by 2024.

According to The New York Times, NASA plans to send a massive 3D printer to the moon. The printer will use lunar concrete, made from moon rocks, mineral fragments and dust, to build structures layer by layer.

NASA is partnering with Austin, Texas-based construction technology company ICON in pursuit of this objective. In 2022, NASA awarded a $57.2 million contract to ICON to develop technologies that could help build infrastructure like landing pads, habitats and roads on the lunar surface.

“We’re at a pivotal moment, and in some ways it feels like a dream sequence,” Niki Werkheiser, NASA’s director of technology maturation, told the Times. “In other ways, it feels like it was inevitable that we would get here.”

Werkheiser said NASA’s increasing openness to collaborate with academics and other leading experts in the field puts the goal that much closer in reach.

“We’ve got all the right people together at the right time with a common goal, which is why I think we’ll get there,” she explained. “Everybody is so ready to take this step together, so if we get our capabilities developed, there’s no reason it’s not possible.”

NASA has not revealed the potential price for civilian visitors interested in a lunar getaway.

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