And finally… Neighbourhood botch

A two-year legal battle has so far failed to put an end to the construction of a garage just a few centimetres from the front of a neighbouring home.

And finally... Neighbourhood botch

Cyrielle and Matthias, a young couple from Toulouse, bought a house in March 2019 but the proud owners quickly fell from cloud nine when their neighbour started to build a wall 3 centimetres from their window, reports.

The couple explained: “Once the authentic deed was signed, we went into the house and there it was a cold shower. One of our neighbours had started the construction of a garage/workshop. Concrete walls had come out of the ground, literally leaning against our exterior wall. They are mounted 3 cm from our facade, all separated by a thin layer of polystyrene.”

Unhappy, Cyrielle and Matthias had to contact a notary. But they couldn’t find any solution, except they “had to repay €20,000 in notary fees or resell the house to the former owner”.

The exasperated couple added: “After more than two years of litigation, we are still at the same point. Which is to say nowhere! We feel like we have gone all the way and have been touching the glass ceiling for months while our neighbour continues his work with serenity. We have lost time, money, patience and hours of sleep.”

The investigation is still ongoing.

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