And finally… paws for effect

And finally... paws for effect

Two cats and a dog recently got unexpectedly involved in a construction project after they were let out of the house at an inopportune moment.

The mischievous pets found their way into a patch of freshly poured concrete, leaving paw prints throughout and a stressed-out owner.

Posted on Reddit by user u/foulfaerie, the situation gained attention where it has since received more than 19,000 upvotes.

According to u/foulfaerie, just minutes after the concrete had been laid, her partner inadvertently let their pets out of the house unsupervised. “The pets immediately inspected the workmanship,” she explained in her post.

The picture of the prints embedded in the concrete revealed the path of the naughty animals.

“I caught the cats outside really quickly and got everyone back inside,” the owner shared in a comment. After a thorough cleaning session involving 12 paws of varying sizes, all was well.

She also explained that the concrete is destined to be covered with slabs, meaning that the added decoration wasn’t too much of a concern.

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