And finally… put your feet up

And finally... put your feet up

Nike has unveiled new shoes with built-in foot-massaging technology that it says will benefit anyone who is “on [their] feet a lot at work”.

Developed in partnership with medical technology start-up Hyperice, the wearable and mobile high-top shoe offers heat and dynamic air-compression massage on demand for athletes’ feet and ankles.

The shoe contains a system of dual-air Normatec bladders bonded to warming elements that evenly distribute heat throughout the entire upper.

Athletes can synchronise the heat and compression of both shoes with the press of a button, or choose to run the left and right shoes individually, selecting from three distinct levels of compression and heat powered by a battery pack in each shoe’s insole.

A new Nike x Hyperice vest contains similar cooling technology.

Tobie Hatfield, senior director for Nike athlete innovation, said: “Recovery is an important part of any athlete’s journey, but we’re hearing from athletes that this concept of ‘pre-covery’ is equally as important.

“The footwear and vest that we’ve developed with Hyperice help get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or you’re on your feet a lot at work.”

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