And finally… raise the goof

And finally... raise the goof

A couple received a pleasant, if shocking, surprise when they found out a roofing company had removed and replaced their home’s roof - completely by mistake.

The contractors at Graco Roofing Construction of Edmond Oklahoma were probably 80% finished taking the old roof off when they realised that contingencies and protocols that had stood for 30 years to prevent such a thing from happening had failed, and that they had just torn the roof off the wrong house.

Scott and Deborah Senner, the proud new owners of a new shingled roof that is hail-resistant and has lowered their home insurance, were five hours away on a business trip when they got a phone call.

“Had to be humble,” said Doug Gray, the owner of Graco Roofing and Construction. “We made a mistake and here’s what we can do to fix it.”

“It was pretty funny,” remarked Scott, speaking with News on 6.

“They were very gracious, very sweet,” said Gray. “They understood—a little shocked obviously.”

Coming home, the couple thought Doug and his team had done a phenomenal job, with Scott mentioning that if they hadn’t received the call, they probably wouldn’t have even noticed the new roof after they got back.

And despite Mr Gray’s roof goof, the couple actively recommends his services to anyone looking to replace their roof—for both the quality, and more importantly, the honesty.

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