And finally… set in motion

And finally... set in motion

A driverless car got stuck on a construction site after seemingly mistaking wet concrete for a regular road.

The Cruise driverless vehicle rolled into the paving project in San Francisco.

Photos by local resident Paul Harvey show the front wheels of the vehicle sunk into the concrete on Golden Gate Avenue.

“I thought it was funny. I was kind of pleased because it illustrated how creepy and weird the whole thing is to me,” Harvey told the New York Times.

“It thinks it’s a road and it ain’t because it ain’t got a brain and it can’t tell that it’s freshly poured concrete.

Construction cones had been used to mark off the site and workers stood with flags at each end of the block.

Rachel Gordon, a spokesperson for the San Francisco Department of Public Works, told The New York Times that Cruise would have to pay for the affected portion of the road to be repaved.

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